Absolute Code Mode

All Byte Craft Limited compilers support Absolute Code Mode, a way to link libraries into your program without using a separate linker like BClink.

With the speed of today's computers and the comparitively small programs needed for 8-bit systems, there is little need to precompile library code. Other linker functionality like relocating program sections often goes unused.

To link using Absolute Code Mode, simply add the statement #include <library_name.h> at the beginning of your main program source module, and compile. At the appropriate time, the compiler will search for a .lib file with the same name as the library header file, and read it in (whether source or object). This method is preferable because it does not need a separate linker command file.

If you want more customized control over the linking process, all Byte Craft compilers include our optimizing linker, BClink.