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Byte Craft Announces COP8C Code Development System V3.0

Waterloo, Ontario Canada, July 12, 2000 - Byte Craft Limited announced today the immediate release of Version 3.00 of the COP8C Code Development System for the National Semiconductor COP8(TM) family of microcontrollers.

New features of COP8C V3.00 support the expanded register file, flash memory and new addressing modes of the newer COP8 microcontrollers. Updated interrupt context save and restore macros are available with the compiler.

New language features include support for single bit types and new int types which allow the developer to unambiguously declare 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit int variables.

The COP8C Code Development System includes an optimizing C cross-compiler with an inline macro-assembler, libraries, full program optimization with the BClink Optimizing Linker and the BCLIDE (Integrated Development Environment). The compiler produces the Byte Craft .COD file format, which provides C source level debugging on the MetaLink iceMASTER emulator.

Other COP8C features include a powerful set of memory management techniques. The SPECIAL memory directive lets you make the most of variables in all types of external memory: available LCD controller RAM, I2C memory, EEPROM and Flash. The LOCAL memory directive lets you maximize the use of RAM, direct the placement of local variables, re-use RAM locations, and pass multiple arguments to functions. Named address spaces make organizing data in RAM easy and intuitive.

More information, including a demo version of COP8C, is available at

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