Fuzz-C™ Fuzzy Logic Preprocessor

Fuzz-C™ is our preprocessor for Fuzzy Logic in C programs.

The Fuzz-C Preprocessor for Fuzzy Logic makes adding fuzzy logic control to your programs easy. The preprocessor translates a source file of mixed fuzzy logic statements and C statements to a file of pure C source code. The resulting C source file can be compiled by your favorite C compiler to quickly integrate fuzzy logic with supporting C functions.

The C code that is produced is efficient and reliable. Standard defuzzification methods are included in source form, and new methods can be easily added. Fuzzy functions and C functions are completely integrated and can easily call each other.

For a printable summary of Fuzz-C, see this PDF flyer.

For resources on using Fuzzy Logic, see Fuzzy Logic.

We have included a sample of C code that uses Fuzz-C extensions, and the resulting C code suitable for compilation. The original source as written by the user incorporates linguistic variable declarations and fuzzy operations. The preprocessed code contains straight C translations of fuzzy membership functions, as well as simple graphs of the domains that the functions encode.