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Byte Craft Announces MPC Code Development System V2.0 for Windows

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, April 22, 2005 - Byte Craft Limited announced today the immediate release of version 2.0 of the MPC Code Development System for Windows, an embedded development tool for the Microchip PICmicro family of microcontrollers. MPC targets the PIC10/12/14/16/17 members of the PICmicro family.

New features of MPC V2.0 support 24- and 32-bit integer and IEEE floating point math. Compiler optimization, always a strong point for Byte Craft Limited's products, is improved. Transcendental functions and other libraries are supplied. Besides the BCLIDE, MPC supports Microchip's MPLAB (version 6 and up).

The MPC Code Development System includes an optimizing C cross-compiler with an inline macro-assembler, libraries, full program optimization with the BClink optimizing linker and the BCLIDE (Integrated Development Environment). The compiler produces industry-standard executables and code files including the Byte Craft Limited .COD file format; .COD files contain everything an emulator needs for C source level debugging.

Other MPC features include powerful resource management techniques. Local memory support maximizes the use of RAM, and intelligently re-uses precious RAM locations with no user intervention. Named address spaces make organizing program and data easy and intuitive. The SPECIAL memory directive integrates access to variables by program-level drivers: spare LCD controller RAM, or serial-bus EEPROM and Flash, can be declared and used as C program variables.

More information, including a demo version of MPC, is available at

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