Older Compilers and Runtime Errors

If you have installed a pre-1998 BCL Code Development System or utility product on a fast computer, you may experience a runtime error. The error appears as "Runtime error 200 at 0000:0000" (where the address will change) immediately after invoking the program. The error code may be "202" instead of "200", depending upon your OS.

The runtime error is directly related to computer performance: we first noticed it on 200 MHz Pentium II-based computers. The runtime error only appears with BCL software created prior to March 1998. Byte Craft-supplied software issued since March 1998 will not experience this problem.

A patch program is available that fixes the error in all Byte Craft products. Please download the patch program into your program directory:

This patch program works on any Byte Craft Limited software compiled before March 1st, 1998, including:

  • IDE.EXE (the CDS DOS development environment)

  • FUZZ-C.EXE (the Fuzz-C preprocessor)

  • E6805.EXE (emulator host software)

  • All compiler executables (look for the name of the CDS product, with an .exe extension.

The executable that needs patching is directly modified by BCLPatch. To patch your compiler (or other executable):


  2. Run BCLPatch by typing bclpatch cds.exe

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with this patch program. If BCLPatch issues a message saying "This executable is not a Byte Craft Limited product", please locate your serial number and contact Byte Craft Limited for upgrade instructions.