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RS08 support is now shipping in C6808. Contact for more information or to place an order.

RS08 is the newest 8-bit MCU core from Freescale. Our C6808 supports its reconfigured instruction set and its new addressing modes. Moving from an HC05, HC08 or HCS08 target to RS08 can be as simple as changing a device header file.

RS08 Intro

We have a Technical Introduction available for more in-depth information.

Demonstration Version

Download a demonstration version of C6808 from our depot.

Original press release

For immediate release:

C6808 compiler targets RS08 for capable embedded designs

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, January 12, 2007 - Byte Craft Limited
announced today that its C6808 Code Development System, supporting
Freescale Semiconductor's advanced 8-bit RS08 microcontroller (MCU)
architecture, is now shipping. C6808 is one of the first C compilers
for RS08, allowing easy migration of programs written for Freescale
HC05 and HC08 to the high-volume 8-bit MCU platform. C6808 supports
all HC08, HCS08, and now RS08 parts in its optimizing C compiler and

"Freescale welcomes Byte Craft Limited's C language support for RS08
architecture in C6808," said Jeff Bock, global marketing manager for
Freescale's consumer and industrial microcontrollers. "Byte Craft's
expertise in code generation for small architectures takes optimal
advantage of RS08 and HCS08. Byte Craft's C6808 complements RS08 in
capable embedded designs by keeping development costs low."

The C6808 Code Development System includes an optimizing C
cross-compiler with an inline macro-assembler, support libraries, full
program optimization with the BClink optimizing linker, and the BCLIDE
(Integrated Development Environment). The compiler produces
industry-standard executables and code files, including the Byte Craft
Limited .COD file format and ELF/DWARF. The .COD file and ELF/DWARF
contain everything an emulator needs for C source-level debugging.

C6808 supports ISO TR 18037 named address spaces and fixed-point math.
C6808 implements the full C language within the limits of the
hardware: any potential application can be implemented in C with
greater ease and optimization than in assembly.

Thread support in C complements the RS08 interrupt architecture.
Threads can model hardware interrupt arbitration in software. They
typically allow faster, smaller code and less RAM consumption than
conventional asynchronous programming.

More information is available at

Kirk Zurell
Byte Craft Limited
55 Northfield Drive East 213
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2K 3T6
+1 519 888 6911

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