SX-Key Configuration Notes

The SX-Key software reads the Byte Craft .COD file and the .LST listing file. The .COD file is always produced by full versions of the compiler. To produce the listing file, use the +l command line option, or check the listing file option in the Compiler Properties if you are using the Windows BCLIDE.

When running from a command prompt, you need to pass parameters to SX-Key to tell it to load the Byte Craft files. The command line is:

sxkey /b yourprogram

Replace sxkey with the exact name of the SX-Key executable (which depends upon the version of the software). Do not use an extension with yourprogram. You may need to set the port that SX-Key uses on the command line.

When configuring BCLIDE to run SX-Key (as a tool in the Project Properties), use the command line:

sxkey /b "%p\%s"

where %p and %s will be expanded to the source file path and base name of the program, respectively.