eTPU_C for ColdFire

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eTPU for ColdFire

Byte Craft Limited welcomes the ColdFire community.

The eTPU_C Code Development System supports the MCF523X ColdFire family. The eTPU in these ColdFire parts permit the fastest, most flexible timing applications possible.


  • A motor controller and web interface running on the same part.
  • A windmill that can report its own performance to the power company.
  • An inexpensive new controller for a legacy system, linked by a high-frequency bus not otherwise available.

Byte Craft Limited offers C language support for eTPU. No assembly programming is required: write the timed I/O and host interface in one program, and let eTPU_C generate host interface programming for the ColdFire core.

Contact Byte Craft Limited today to order eTPU for ColdFire. A demonstration version is available from our depot