C6808 FAQ

Do I really need C to program RS08?

There's no reason not to use C to program even the smallest computers. C compilers improve on assemblers by:

  • Allowing the developer to work in the problem space (choosing the symbolic operations), not the solution space (choosing the machine instructions).
  • Calculating opportunities for optimization with both the algorithm and target hardware in mind.

I have an application developed with an old version. Will it compile properly with the latest version?

Yes. If you have written your program according to our recommended practices in the product documentation, upgrading should be seamless. All Byte Craft Limited Code Development Systems have backward compatibility with previous language constructs.

Please note:

  • Improvements in the compiler can alter the generated code; this may impact your testing.
  • Device header files may change between versions. If you've written customized device header files, they may require some revision. Simply examine the stock headers that we ship with the product.
  • Remember to recompile your libraries when you upgrade your Code Development System product. All libraries to be linked or included into a program must be compiled with the same compiler.

RS08 has no Negative bit in its condition codes. Can you do signed math operations?



RS08 has no stack: how can you perform nested function calls?

C6808 creates a stack through program code: it preserves the Shadow PC (SPC) in a local variable and restores it prior to returning.
As an optimization, it eliminates this code whenever possible. When a function calls no subordinate functions, or when the call to a subordinate function happens at specific points in program flow, the compiler eliminates the saved PC and the memory location it would require.

This approach uses no extra memory compared to a hardware stack.


Who distributes your products?

See Distributors for an updated list of distributors.