How do your products handle dates?

Even though Y2K is long gone, some people are still concerned about date and time issues. The following information should answer any questions.

Byte Craft Limited reviewed its source materials and development tools, and determined that our products correctly handle dates, including the transition into year 2000.

All Byte Craft Limited compilers support the ANSI predefined macro __DATE__. This macro returns the date of compilation in the format Mmm dd yyyy, where Mmm is a three-letter text string of the current month, dd is a two-digit day of the month, and yyyy is a four-digit year.

The compiler obtains this information with a call to the PC's BIOS or to the Windows operating system; the substituted value will reflect the setting of your system's real time clock as interpreted by that call.

The results of this macro may be used:

  • in the source code.
  • in the listing file header using the #pragma option t (Title) directive.
  • in the .COD object file using the #pragma option n; (copyright Notice) directive.

Neither the compiler nor the BCLink linker read this date as part of the build process.
The compiler executable does not refer to its own file time stamp for software protection purposes.