Why does eTPU_C not perform this or that optimization?

Some optimizations verge on second-guessing the programmer. In some cases, especially those with possible side-effects, obeying the source code as written is preferable to reordering instructions, even if it means wasting an instruction or two.


Does eTPU_C support TPU3?

No. eTPU is the successor of TPU3 and shares some design heritage, but that's about it. They are completely different processors, both in functionality and programming terms.


Are functions reentrant?


Functions are not reentrant. The local variables are not placed on a stack; their address is set at compile time. If a function calls itself, or a function is being executed from both the main loop and within an interrupt, the second call to the function will use the same memory. In this case local variables will become corrupted.

ETPU_functions are reentrant, in the sense that multiple channels can dispatch the same function.

C functions called from within ETPU_functions are not reentrant.

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I have an application developed with an old version. Will it compile properly with the latest version?

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Yes. If you have written your program according to our recommended practices in the product documentation, upgrading should be seamless. All Byte Craft Limited Code Development Systems have backward compatibility with previous language constructs.

Please note:

  • Improvements in the compiler can alter the generated code; this may impact your testing.
  • Device header files may change between versions. If you've written customized device header files, they may require some revision. Simply examine the stock headers that we ship with the product.
C38 C6805 C6808 COP8C Cypress C eTPU_C Fuzz-C MPC SXC Z8C

Who distributes your products?

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See Distributors for an updated list of distributors.

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Access FAE materials through Compass Extranet

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We're listed on Freescale's Compass Extranet.

For external participants, choose:

For Freescale-internal participants, our extranet project name is "Byte Craft".

We've posted some useful PowerPoint packages about our technology that you can cut and paste directly into your client presentations.


eTPU_C Resources


Consult these resources for more information on eTPU_C and the eTPU:

Development Toolchain

  • Lauterbach offers the eTPU Debugger, which is compatible with eTPU_C. It includes support for breakpoints, subinstruction disassembly and high-level language support, and the PRACTICE scripting language for automation.

    eTPU Debugger from Lauterbach


Updated eTPU_C FAQ

We've updated our FAQ. Take a look.

Remember to check the depot to see if you're eligible for updates, or enquire about extended support if your standard 1-year support has expired.