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Access FAE materials through Compass Extranet

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We're listed on Freescale's Compass Extranet.

For external participants, choose:


For Freescale-internal participants, our extranet project name is "Byte Craft".

We've posted some useful PowerPoint packages about our technology that you can cut and paste directly into your client presentations.

C6808 FAE

C6808 is Flexis-able


FAEs who are planning to introduce their clients to the MC9S08QE128 Flexis part should contact fae@bytecraft.com for more information about our support.

Flexis' paged memory model can benefit from a compiler's calculations. Optimization during linking allows a compiler to distinguish between different types of cross-page references.

Contact us today about Flexis support.


FAE Program

The FAE Program is designed to give FAEs the tools they need to provide before- and after-sales service to their customers.

Contact fae@bytecraft.com to request access to FAE-only facilities on our website.

Please give us your contact information and tell us a little bit about your customers. We want to tailor our offerings to meet your needs. We can develop:


Moving from C6805 to C6808

If you're updating an old design to one of the new Freescale cores, take a look at this document for some pointers.

Moving from C6805 to C6808.


C versus Assembly

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This article describes a test we perform on our Code Development System compilers to test code generation. As a side benefit, it proves that C can match assembly, and beat it, even unexpectedly...

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