Using Code Development Systems on Linux

We have received a steadily-increasing number of inquiries about running our Code Development Systems under the GNU/Linux operating system. Thanks for inquiring, and for indicating your product preferences: like any ISV, we make marketing decisions by considering these requests.


Is an eTPU_C available for Linux or Mac?


eTPU_C is a Windows executable. It should run under a Windows emulator or environment on Linux or Mac. However, we have little experience running it in these environments and cannot offer technical support for platform-specific issues. eTPU_C relies only on core functions in Windows that should be well supported in alternative environments.

Issues previously experienced include slow speed of execution, display and interactivity problems, and outright crashes.

Are UNIX/Linux versions of your products available?

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Contact for information on UNIX versions.

Remember that Windows emulators/environments such as WINE are available. We have run our products under WINE with some success (and some odd quirks).

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