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Intelligent Evaporative Cooler

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Intelligent Evaporative Cooler uses Fuzz-C™ Fuzzy Logic Preprocessor for C.

Intelligent Evaporative Cooler

Old meets new when a redesigned evaporative cooler gets intelligent fan control from Fuzz-C. Karan Shamar and Rachit Kumar from the Dept. of Electronics at the Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi are using Fuzz-C to conserve water and electricity.


Autonomous Helicopter

Autonomous helicopter

Helicopter on table

The Arial Robotics Group at Simon Fraser University is using the Byte Craft Limited SXC Code Development System to develop an emergency override system for an autonomous radio-controlled helicopter

Sponsorship - Smart Retractor

Sponsorship - smart retractor

Smart retractor device

Peter Kazanzides and his team at Johns Hopkins University have created a "smart retractor" with a Microchip PIC16F876 and software compiled with our own MPC Code Development System.


Sponsorship - semi-autonomous airplane

airplane picture

Jens Altenberg's design uses software generated by the SXC Code Development System. He has won third place in Parallax's SX Design Contest.

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