Checking eTPU_C generated code

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Byte Craft's eTPU customers generally use several different tools in their eTPU toolchain. The eTPU has a microcoded instruction set that may display the disassembly of the eTPU's instruction in several ways. The following example came from a conversation with a customer about instruction display formats of various tools that support the eTPU.

Byte Craft chose to display the instructions in the listing file as a functional representation of the instructions. In the following example an add with one side of the alu complimented and incremented is displayed as a subtract in our listings which is both functionally correct and a more compact representation.


printf for embedded

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There's only so much debugging information an LED or LCD display can report. What's worse, embedding debugging code in the executable can provoke misuse, while stripping it out can cause heisenbugs.

Your C compiler can help manage debugging information for you in a way that doesn't interfere with your product. Here's how:

Exceptional Programming

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What happens to high-level language programming when computer architecture changes? Walter Banks and Kirk Zurell recount the challenges of accommodating novel interrupt architectures in C for embedded systems.

The eTPU is an event driven processor. This paper looks at the implimentation challenges implimenting execution events on the mainstream embedded systems 8 bit processor comparing HC08/HCS08 architectures and the RS08.


eTPU_C C Compiler for Freescale eTPU - Features


The eTPU_C Code Development System supports the eTPU Enhanced Time Processing Unit. eTPU is an autonomous co-processor within different CPUs. eTPU_C works in conjunction with a host CPU compiler to create CPU/eTPU applications.

The eTPU_C Code Development System includes:

  • an optimizing C Cross-compiler.

  • the BCLink linker.

  • an Integrated Development Environment and editor.

eTPU_C Resources

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Byte Craft's eTPU_C Code Development System is designed for the Freescale eTPU enhanced Time Processing Unit.

Find a demonstration version of eTPU_C here: Byte Craft Limited depot.


eTPU_C Product News


eTPU_C Compiler Update V1.0.7.85

The eTPU C compiler V1.0.7.85 has been released and is available from the customer update depot on Byte Craft's website.


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